Strategy and Analytics

We believe that the first step in every project is to identify the goal. The second step is to identify how we will measure our progress toward that goal.

Without these two things the project is sunk before it even begins. Green Minnow Media will work with you to identify your specific goals and create a winning strategy to achieve them. We really enjoy this part of the process. It allows us the opportunity to really learn about you, your business and your customer-base. This information is important as no strategy is cookie-cutter. We will create a plan that is custom-tailored to your goals. The strategy will then inform which Creative Services and Inbound Marketing services we employ. It is our goal to instill such confidence that you are able to breathe easy and enjoy the ride.

The best way to make sure you’re breathing easy? Show you that it’s working! We employ Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and a variety of third party tools to track the effectiveness of our plan. Through careful research and planning we get the ball rolling. What sets us apart is that we iterate. A winning strategy is not one-and-done. We pour over the analytic information to identify weaknesses, identify solutions and execute them. Optimizing your strategy through analytics is going to maximize your return. Our strategies work and we can show it.

Our Strategy and Analytics service is very scale-able. Some businesses may need an entire marketing plan and solution. Others might just want another set of eyes to go over their existing efforts. Whatever your needs, we want to understand them and we want to help.

Some of our more popular Strategy and Analytic services are:

Persona + User Journey
Website Audit
Social Media Audit
Marketing Audit
Google Analytics setup + optimization
Marketing Plan Creation
Funnel Optimization