Minnow University

As creatives, we love to create. Sometimes that’s not the answer. Sometimes our clients simply want us to help them help themselves. Minnow University is a name we have given to a number of our outreach services.



Do you already have a marketing person/team? We’d love to come in and work with them. Maybe they need a brush-up on Google Analytics? Maybe they aren’t yet into Inbound Marketing but would like to be? We are available for trainings and workshops covering any of the services that we offer here at Green Minnow Media.

Speaking Engagements

Are you hosting a conference? We are available for speaking engagements and to be honest, we love talking to a captive audience!


We are also interesting in giving back to our community and the state that we love. Do you have a volunteer opportunity you’d like to tell us about? Schedule permitting, yes we are interested!