Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? It’s the opposite of Outbound Marketing.

Good one. Here’s the scoop. Outbound Marketing is the marketing we all know and love. Print ads, television ads, radio ads, direct mailers, anything that invades a customer’s awareness. Inbound Marketing, rather than targeting our customers with paid advertising, we are attracting our customers by offering value. We provide information, build trust and improve the customer experience by generating company sponsored content. On the internet that is. This includes predominantly blogs and social media platforms. By creating and strategically disseminating relevant content we effectively attract the audience to you. Sort of like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” right?

This inbound audience is great because they develop a level of trust with your business during the process. They are more primed to convert than someone who may have heard your ad on the radio or received a direct-mailer from you. They are informed about your business and product through the high quality content that they opted to view themselves. It’s a beautiful thing.

Green Minnow Media is fascinated with Inbound Marketing and the strong relationship that it can build between you and your customer. We are excited to show how it can work for you!

Some of our popular Inbound Marketing services are:

Social Media Audit
Social Media Profile Creation
Social Media Plan + Calendar
Contest/Competition Creation
Content Creation/Blog Writing
Email Marketing
Grow Email List
Trend and Influencer Research