623 Woodworks


623 Woodworks was embarking on a challenge. They wanted to take their woodturning hobby to the next level; a thriving business.

We took this challenge head-on and began to develop a brand around this beautiful work. Beginning with a logo, we then moved on to telling the 623 story through facebook and a blog.

Through careful planning and consistent action, 623 Woodworks is grabbing the attention of galleries and enthusiasts across the state. Their work is now proudly displayed in the Maine Center for Craft in Gardiner, ME. Interest continues to grow!

623 Products Photography

Building the Brand

The work itself is gorgeous. We want people to feel this every time they see a 623 Woodworks logo. We are making large strides in this area by focusing on ‘perceived value’. Every piece of marketing material is designed to mimic the clean lines and beauty of the woodwork itself. We took professional photographs of the products and created high-end print material from them. Through consistency we are bridging the gap between the high value of these products and the value perceived by a potential customer.