About Us

Green Minnow Media was founded in the summer of 2017. We are a full-service advertising agency with a focus on the fundamentals.

Focus on the fundamentals? Fundamentals of what?

Good question. The fundamentals of design, of marketing, of user experience. You see, in this interconnected world of advancing technology and instant gratification, it can be easy to lose sight of what matters. Sure “the shiny new thing” plays a large role in advertising, and it should, as an accessory. We take a high-level approach to problem solving, which to us is what this is all about. We break down a problem into it’s basic parts, set goals and apply strong, fundamental theory to create solutions. Of course, once the foundation is in place, we can shine with the best of them. You will receive big agency talent with small agency attention and personality. We love our clients and we love helping them to succeed.

So why the name Green Minnow?

It comes back to the fundamentals. Our founder, Steve Milligan, is an avid fisherman. He also happens to be a sucker for fishing lures. The result being a tackle-box full of fancy shmancy, expensive “This lure practically fishes for you!” lures. Coming as a shock to no one, these lures don’t catch anything except starstruck fishermen. Steve always found himself going back to his trusty green minnow. Tried and true, it was a $1.00 thrift store purchase 15 years ago. It’s been eaten, chewed, spit up, torn apart, tied back together, lost, found, hung up and hung onto. It boasts no bells and whistles. It looks like a fish and it swims like a fish.

It Catches Fish

This is how Steve views advertising. There are a lot of agencies out there that will gladly sell you the flashy lure. You might even gladly buy the flashy lure, which is great if the goal is to show off your flashy lure to your friends. But isn’t the goal to catch fish? The green minnow keeps Steve grounded and reminds him that without solid fundamentals, nothing else matters.

At Green Minnow Media, we solve problems.